In a cash-heavy environment, speed and automation are an absolute necessity in order to compete in today’s hotly contested retail marketplace.

Back-office cash rooms need to run smoothly and accurately, providing key time savings that can be leveraged elsewhere. In addition, retailers appreciate the peace of mind that their cash operations are operating both efficiently and accurately.

That’s where cash and coin recyclers come in, and Tidel’s new and innovative BCR-4 Coin Recycler is ready to take retailers’ cash management to the next level.

Benefits of the Tidel BCR-4

The BCR-4 coin recycler provides a range of industry-leading benefits, including:

  • The Market’s Highest Capacity
    The BCR-4, a four-hopper coin recycler that recycles pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters, is the highest capacity coin recycler on the market, today. Each hopper can contain a full Fed bag of coin, and it processes coin at 3,000 coins per minute. This capacity and speed make the BCR-4 an ideal solution for a cash-heavy retail environment, allowing it to keep up with the heaviest demand.
  • Compatibility with all Tidel Note Recyclers
    The BCR-4 is compatible with all Tidel TR Series note recyclers, enabling a new lineup comprised of the TR54, TR104, TR204, TR254, and TR304 series of cash recyclers. This integration provides industry-leading cohesion among cash management solutions, and the combination of the BCR-4 with a Tidel note recycler provides enhanced cash management automation for the highest cash volume environments.
  • Designed exclusively for the U.S. Market
    Tidel has designed the BCR-4 to provide industry-leading automation and cash management in the U.S., releasing into the market a solution that stands ready to help businesses navigate an ever-evolving retail sector. 

Achieve Best-in-Class Cash Management now with the BCR-4

With a cash-management solution that includes the new BCR-4 coin recycler, cash-heavy retail businesses can achieve a new level of automation and accuracy that can have a measurable impact on a store’s operations and bottom line.

By automating back office processes, cash recyclers can also help retailers reduce banking fees, cut down the frequency of CIT pickups, and free up employees to attend to more value-adding store activities.

Tidel is leading global manufacturer of cash management solutions that help retail organizations automate and streamline the ways in which they manage their cash. The BCR-4 Coin Recycler is Tidel’s latest addition to its cash recycling portfolio.

The BCR-4 is available now and ready to impact the cash management of businesses across the nation. To obtain more information on how the BCR-4 is ready to shape the future of the retail industry, visit today, email, or call 972-484-3358.

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