Tidel began in 1978 as part of The Southland Corporation (now known as 7-Eleven, Inc.) by inventing a robbery deterrent product that has become familiar to retail store operators everywhere – the Timed Access Cash Controller (TACC). This product was the centerpiece of our manufacturing operation for many years and today there are thousands of Tidel systems working in retail locations throughout the world.

In 2002, Tidel set a new industry standard by launching a groundbreaking evolution in cash management products – the Sentinel cash management system. This new product provided a host of features designed to provide users with real-time cash accountability and security.

In 2008, Tidel once again set a new standard in cash management systems by introducing modular-based peripherals, providing retail organizations the flexibility needed to manage a diverse set of cash management needs. As our product portfolio evolved, Tidel has enabled and brought to market a suite of cash management systems that is the broadest and deepest in the industry.

Tidel has consistently strived to stay ahead of the innovation curve. In 2014, Tidel introduced the Series 4, a groundbreaking design with innovative features such as a split bottom vault, enhanced serviceability, and greater usability – providing our customers with the right mix of ease of use and total cost of ownership needed in today’s retail environment.

Looking to the future, Tidel remains committed to providing our customers with the latest technologies and innovations that help them streamline, protect, and automate their cash management environment.

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2025 W. Belt Line Rd. #114 | Carrollton, TX 75006 | 972.484.3358 | 800.678.7577

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