Cash Management Solutions for Every Need

Tidel is the world’s leading manufacturer of cash management systems and robbery deterrent products for the retail industry. Over half of the top 100 U.S. retail organizations trust Tidel to secure, automate, and streamline their cash management environment.

We have developed the broadest and most comprehensive portfolio of products – from smart safes to cash recyclers – that optimize the full spectrum of retail cash environments; from single till, low cash volume to the largest and most sophisticated retail environments.   Our solutions can be easily mixed and matched, enabling solutions that span the spectrum of size, performance, capacity and cost, enabling systems that can optimize the business case at each store location while maximizing the overall value across the estate.

At Tidel, our goal is to create long-lasting customer partnerships by identifying their needs and providing solutions that support their success. We strive to deliver long term, sustained growth through market leading innovation while providing the highest quality products in our industry.

Tidel Smart Safes

Our smart safes combine the features of a traditional safe, along with advanced technological features that enable the automatic depositing and recording of notes in a cash intensive retail environment.  With its extensive reporting capability and easy to use console, Tidel smart safes remove the burden of manual cash handling, enabling retailers to gain tremendous efficiencies and optimization of in-store labor where it’s needed the most.  With the broadest set of supported peripherals in the industry, Tidel smart safes have been deployed across a multitude of industries.

Tidel Cash Recyclers

Cash recyclers are ideally suited for stores that deal with higher cash volumes, many of which have a cash room dedicated to managing the day to day cash business for the store.  These cash rooms are staffed by employees assigned to the checking in and checking out of tills for store employees, preparing deposits, investigating discrepancies, and ordering change funds.  The Tidel TR Series of cash recyclers is designed to automate the cash room for retail organizations, freeing up employees to assume more productive activities.   The TR Series represents the broadest portfolio of cash recyclers in the industry, designed to adapt to the widest range of cash management needs, no matter the size or complexity. 

Tidel TACC Systems

Since its introduction in 1978, the TACC (Timed Access Cash Controller) from Tidel has become the standard for deterring robbery and improving cash handling processes for thousands of retail locations in over 50 countries worldwide.   TACC systems are designed to be placed under the counter, enabling store employees to vend tubes of cash when needed to supply their till change fund.  The 88-tube capacity along with its built in time delay enable the TACC to stand alone in the industry for effective change fund management and robbery deterrence.

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2025 W. Belt Line Rd. #114 | Carrollton, TX 75006 | 972.484.3358 | 800.678.7577

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