Series 4e

The Tidel Series 4e offers industry-leading expansion capabilities that retail organizations require to manage their day-to-day cash management business.

The Tidel Series 4e and supported peripherals enable retail organizations to recycle coins, dispense coins and notes, and scale their note deposit and validation capabilities. By supporting these peripherals, the Tidel Series 4e is the only choice for retail organizations that require end-to-end cash management solutions that address a diverse set of needs. 

Refer to the peripheral options below to find the solutions that work best for your business. Then use our Series 4e Configuration Tool to configure a system that best meets your needs.


Outstanding User Experience

  • 7-inch color console enables simple menu navigation
  • Integrated printer with see-through screen, paper cutter and feeder

Best in Class Serviceability

  • Note validator maintenance door enables the clearing of note jams without the need for a service call CPU board and power supply located under console – greatly reducing service call costs

Flexible Design

  • Support for up to three different bottom options, including two distinct storage vaults Series 4 with no bottom option is 18″ high, ideal for space-constrained environments

Unmatched Expansion Capability

  • The Series 4e connects to a wide range of Tidel expansion peripherals, including systems that recycle coin, dispense bulk notes and coin, dispense rolled coin, as well as systems that offer additional storage and note deposit scalability.  The Series 4e and its expansion peripherals support the broadest range of cash management requirements and use cases.

Note Capacity and Scalability

  • Supports single or bulk note validators
  • Supports XL (2,250) or standard (1,200) cassettes

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    • 7” Color console screen
    • Power supply and main CPU board accessible via the console
    • Support for single or bulk note validators
    • Support for standard (1,200 notes) or XL (2,250 notes) cassettes
    • Personal Identification Number (PIN) and/or iButton allows managed access to functions, reports,and instant access
    • Note validator maintenance door – enables validator heads to be removed in the event of a note jam
    • Connects to peripherals via provided data cables


    (Tidel Series 4e with Storage Vault)

    Weight:  149 lbs. (68 kg)

    Height:  30.75″ (781 mm)

    Width:  12.25″ (311 mm)

    Depth:  19″ (483 mm) Vault only

    Depth:  23″ (584 mm) overall

    Power Requirements:

    120 VAC 60Hz or 220 VAC 50Hz


    1 Year parts and 90 days labor (Inside the US)

    1 Year Parts Only (Outside the US)

    Series 4e Peripherals

    Series 4e Side Car

    Convenient and secure note deposit scalability

    Series 4e Bulk Coin Recycler

    Automated coin recycling to enable back office automation

    Bulk Coin and Note Dispenser

    Dispensing of bulk notes and coin in one system

    Rolled Coin Dispenser

    Convenient access to rolled coin, whenever required

    Bulk Coin Dispenser

    Dispensing of bulk coin to accelerate the start of shift process

    High Capacity Note Dispenser

    Convenient dispensing of bulk notes, in high volume format

    Low Capacity Note Dispenser

    Convenient dispensing of bulk notes, for cash payout requirements

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